Bigger Boat

Overfishing. Human trafficking. The healthcare crisis. Revitalising small businesses. No single person or organisation can tackle these big, intractable problems alone. And yet, for every complex problem there are innovators working to solve it from different angles, institutions, geographies and sectors. Each working more or less separately on different parts of the problem. Each with insight into a particular piece of the puzzle.

To solve these complex problems at the scale we need, we need to break down silos and bring these innovators together to share learnings, surface insights and collaborate to achieve big goals. But this kind of collaboration isn’t easy. It requires trust. It takes time and resource. And there aren’t enough places in today’s world where such collaboration can happen.

Bigger Boat is that place. We create a trusted and safe space where practitioners can work together to grow their collective impact. We help to recruit the right entrepreneurs, businesses and charity leaders, and we work with them to identify high-impact opportunities to change the system. We support them in a powerful – and fun – process of community-building, learning and testing. And we help them to incubate and launch a portfolio of solutions that individually tackle a crucial piece of the problem and together deliver lasting and far-reaching change.