Marmalade | A Festival of Design!

Building on six years of success as an informal dynamic, free and open-access fringe event to the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, Marmalade is evolving.

The core of Marmalade will remain: user-centred content, generated by participants; a collision space where best in class social entrepreneurs from Skoll meet up-and-coming talent from the UK and across Europe.

On top of this we are building out what worked so well last year: in-depth collaborations over at least a day that use design thinking to crack ‘wicked’ social problems, while building communities that live beyond the event to realise the ideas generated during the week.

Our ambition is that Marmalade becomes the place where design thinking meets intractable social problems; where, building on the event’s track record, user-centred approaches catapult people’s efforts to make the world a better place; where problems that were previously stuck are unlocked through collaborative efforts.

Join us in Oxford in April 2016!