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365 Ways to Change the World

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The book has an issue and an action for each day of the year. The underlying idea behind this book is that … together we can change the world. Through the way we live, through little things that we can do in our lives and through taking action on issues that really concern us, we can begin to make a difference.

Here are some of the ideas, just to give you a flavour of what’s in the book.
• Become a guerrilla gardener: start to sow the seeds of a green revolution.
• Pay off third world debt: send a small contribution to Sierra Leone, which is the world’s poorest nation.
• Use your computer to search for aliens or to find a cure to Alzheimers.
• Mark your dollar bills with slogans to wake up the world.
• Buy nothing: stop shopping for just one day.
• Fight the SUV menace: get the off-roads off the road.
• Food for thought: these are the fish you can eat with a clear conscience.

Author: Michael Norton

Price: £9.99 Publisher: Myriad Editions (third UK edition) Publication date: January 2008

Price: £6.99 Publisher: Harper Perennial (mass market UK edition)
Publication date: October 2006

We can supply copies of the latest edition by mail order at the following price:

Single copies: £9 including postage.

2 to 4 copies: £7.50 per copy including postage 

5 or more copies: £7 per copy including postage 

10 or more copies: £6 per copy including postage

International editions of “365 Ways to Change the World” have been published in these countries:

  • Australia: by Penguin Books Australia
  • Canada: by House of Anansi, published under the title “The Everyday Activist”
  • India: by Mapin Publishing
  • South Africa: by Double Storey
  • United States: by Simon and Schuster (under the Free Press imprint)   
  • Italy: by Castelvecchi Editore (in Italian)
  • China: by The One Foundation and SDX Joint Publishing Company (in Chinese)

Order from bookshops or on-line at Amazon


Orders by post to 9 Mansfield Place, London NW3 1HS
Cheques should be made payable to “Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action”
 “365 Ways to Change the World” will make a great present for couch potatoes as well as for people who want to go out and change the world. Facts, figures, issues, ideas, case studies: there’s lots in the book to inspire and inform. Buy lots of copies and spread the word – there are lot of simple and fun things that everyone can do to help make a better world!

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