“Young People Change the World!”

Voices for Change is an international summer school for young activists. It is organised entirely and run by young people aged 16 to 25.

In 2002 and for the next two years, the week-long summer school attracted around 250 participants from all over the world.

In 2004, CIVA established Young People Change the World! as a non-profit company controlled by young people and operating under the charitable umbrella of CIVA.

The 2005 summer school was held in Pune in India, and organised in partnership with Pravah and the Centre for Youth Development Activities, two leading Indian NGOs that seek to engage young people.

In 2006, the summer school was held in a tented eco-centre in Gloucestershire. Given he increasing problems of getting visas for young people from developing countries due to terrorism and illegal immigration fears, it has been decided that the 2006 summer school would be the last, but that the experience and ideas from this project would be transferred to the Otesha Project UK which was launched in 2007 where young people are promoting sustainable living in a fairer world.