How We Work

CIVA is led by a group of principals, who work on their own projects but collaborate wherever possible. Currently we have three principals:
Michael Norton, founder of CIVA, and winner of the Beacon Award for innovation in philanthropy and the 2014 UK Chairty Award for outstanding achievement

Ben Metz, psychoanalytically informed organisational consultant and serial social entrepreneur

Elisabetta Lapenna, founder of MyBnk, Schwab Foundation Global Young Leader, Ashoka Fellow and Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2008

  • We adopt the following strategy for developing our projects and implementing our programmes:
  • We consult and work with others to develop ideas for a project.
  • We find whatever funding is needed to get the project going.
  • We plan and oversee the start up of the project.
  • We develop a strategy for the further development of the programme, building on the experience of the start-up stage and bringing in partner organisations to work with us as appropriate.
  • We establish an independent structure for the continuation the project on a viable and sustainable basis, or we hand over the further development of the project to another organisation.

We are committed to collaboration and to sharing our ideas and experience with others.
CIVA operates as a virtual organisation. We employ no staff and keep our administrative costs to an absolute minimum.

If you are a social entrepreneur fuelled by creativity, a passion for changing the world and would like to join the team, please contact us.