How We Work

CIVA is led by a group of principals, who work on their own projects but collaborate wherever possible. Currently we have two principals:

  1. Michael Norton, founder of CIVA, and winner of the Beacon Award for innovation in philanthropy and the 2014 UK Charity Award for outstanding achievement.
  2. Ben Metz, entrepreneur, psychologist and systems designer

Alongside these, we have a number of social entrepreneurs who lead projects and organisations created by CIVA under the supervision of one of the principals. Currently these people are contributing towards CIVA’s work:

  • Bea Herbert, States of Mind
  • Nat Jenkins, Zero Restaurants
  • Prudence Norton, MSN Fund
  • Jonathan Saverimuttu, MakeMyMark
  • Naomi Sesay, Sierra Leone agricultural school
  • Camilla Vickers, HealthPitch
  • Anne-Marie Waugh, Degrees of Opportunity

We also work with a number of social entrepreneurs to support them in developing their own projects. Some of these projects are incubated within CIVA and benefit from CIVA’s charitable status in their early stage before they are independently constituted often as a Charity of a Community Interest Company. We welcome proposals for collaboration, where both parties feel that we can add value.