Trust Deed

CIVA was established as a Charitable Trust on 28th August 1995, and its present objects set out in a Deed of Amendment dated 21 February 1996.

From 1st January 2008, the assets and operations of the trust were transferred to a new charitable company (Charity Number 1122095). The existing trust continues to operate, but under the name “The Social Entrepreneurs Trust”, and will be primarily supporting the development of social entrepreneurship in India.

CIVA exists to further the following objects:

a)     To advance education through the undertaking of all forms of research into best practice in the achievement of charitable purposes as defined by the laws of England and Wales and o publish and implement the useful results of such research whether itself or in co-operation with other charities.

b)     To make grants in furtherance of any exclusively charitable purpose as defined in Section 97(1) Charities Act 1993 as the trustees may decide in their discretion from time to time.

In furtherance of these objects, CIVA’s Trustees have the following powers:

a)     To provide or assist in the provision of money, materials or other help and assistance.

b)     To enquire into the needs of those who may benefit so as to better promote its charitable objects.

c)      To co-operate and collaborate with voluntary bodies and statutory authorities operating in similar charitable fields, and to exchange information and advice.

d)     To do other lawful things to further the attainment of its charitable objects.

CIVA works in the UK and the developing world (particularly in South Asia and Africa). CIVA is a charity registered at the Charity Commission, charity number 1122095.

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