CIVA runs a range of programmes, each led by a principal. Current programmes are:


Marmalade | A Festival of Design! Building on six years of success as an informal dynamic, free and open-access fringe event to the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, Marmalade is evolving. The core of Marmalade will remain: user-centred content, generated by participants; a collision space where best in class social entrepreneurs from Skoll meet up-and-coming talent from the UK and across Europe. On top of this we are building out what worked so well last year: in-depth collaborations over...

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Social Enterprise in China

Social enterprise is becoming a hot topic in China; the model of blending the creation of social impact with a business approach may become an important way in which the social needs of Chinese citizens is met, whether it is the elderly, the handicapped, the victims of disaster, the health and wellbeing of the population, the environment and the problems of pollution that are being addressed. In 2013, CIVA organised a conference in Shanghai on social franchising and a...

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Bigger Boat

Overfishing. Human trafficking. The healthcare crisis. Revitalising small businesses. No single person or organisation can tackle these big, intractable problems alone. And yet, for every complex problem there are innovators working to solve it from different angles, institutions, geographies and sectors. Each working more or less separately on different parts of the problem. Each with insight into a particular piece of the puzzle. To solve these complex problems at the scale we need, we need to break down silos...

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Enlightened Agriculture

The food and farming sector offers great opportunities for social enterprises. And smaller scale environmentally sensitive approaches could bring a range of benefits including fresher foods with shorter food chains, less carbon, more jobs. The Lottery and Esmee Fairbairn Foundation have been big funders of projects in this sector, and we want to help the sorts of projects that they have been funding beyond the start up stage, by providing advice on funding and investment and helping them towards...

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Past Programmes

Over its lifetime CIVA has incubated a myriad of different programmes. A selection of these is presented below: YOUTH IN ACTION Young people have an important role today as active citizens, and tomorrow as leaders of social change. Over a number of years CIVA encouraged and supported¬†young people to get active in their communities and incubated the following organisations: Changemakers: young people leading change Changemakers pioneered a “young person-led approach” , supporting young people to develop their own solutions...

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