Climate Action: Race to Zero

Led by Michael Norton

Climate Action: Race to Zero is a collaborative partnership which aims to engage young people in climate action under three heads: Understand Better; Speak Up and Speak Out; Do Something Now. The aim of bringing together this collaboration is to give greater visibility to the potential of young people to address climate issues, to enhance what each of the partners is doing, and to generate new projects which can be made to take place.

The partnership was brought together from December 2020. The main partners are:

  • AimHi, creating on-line climate education
  • Bottledream working with AimHi and the Eden Project to produce and deliver climate education in China.
  • Designathon, to develop a design challenge for young people aged 8-12 to be delivered in up to 40 countries in early 2022.
  • Speakers Trust, running a speak-up challenge for the climate, which includes speaker training (20 workshops in the UK), on-line resources (worldwide) and prizes.
  • MyBit-YourBit, creating short videos with young people speaking out, describing what they are doing (MyBit) and what they expect governments to do (YourBit).
  • A range of challenges delivered by Dream Green (planting in public places), the Craftivist Collective (using crafts to promote climate change), Climate Actions Now (creating music and songs for the climate), and AimHi (compiling a future dictionary of words for a climate-challenged future).
  • Campaign Bootcamp and Extinction Rebellion, creating and running workshops to improve skills for climate campaigners.
  • The Do (formerly known as The Do School), offering awards to young innovators to help them take forward their ideas.

Together there are over 20 organisations in the partnership. We are an open partnership, and will continue to add new partners who share our vision and values, and who see the benefit of collaboration.

Climate Action: Race to Zero started as an initiative leading up to COP26 (being held in Glasgow from 1 to 12 November 2021) and has been endorsed and helped by the UK High Level Climate Champion. We have also become a founding partner in Count-Us-In (with The Do as the formal partner) which aims to mobilise 1 billion people to climate action over the next 10 years. So we see the initiative continuing beyond 2021 and developing into a longer-term collaboration.

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