Donor Advised Funds


CIVA holds charitable funds for a number of donors for distribution to projects, people and initiatives as requested by those providing the funds or by a group of people acting as trustees for these funds. CIVA provides all the administration, including ensuring that the funds are being used for a charitable purpose.  CIVA encourages the creative use of these funds within their terms of reference, and from time to time will provide ideas or make suggestions for possible use of these funds.

MSN Fund

Led by Prudence Norton

The MSN Fund supports projects which promote empowerment of marginalised groups and communities, human rights and health and well-being. This is donor-advised, and CIVA’s Trustees are advised of the distribution of this fund by Prue Norton, Ian Bowden, Isabelle Gore, Keya Advani, Richard Scott and Zaki Shah.

During 2020, £95,519 (including Gift Aid) was distributed as grants and donations including a number through the Network for Social Change to support projects funded by this charitable Trust. At end-September of 2021, £485,751 remained available for distribution. From time to time this fund is topped up with further contributions from its founders.

The Roger Ross Fund

This was established by Roger Ross to support projects and initiatives addressing climate change or sustainable practice in agriculture. The fund has been particularly active in encouraging and supporting young climate activists, including a Speak Out challenge organised by the Speakers Trust, a Designathon for young people aged 8-12 to design a sustainable future, and innovation awards for young people run by The Do School. As of 30 September 2021, £93,669 remained available for distribution.

The Francis Norton Music Fund

This was established by Francis Norton in 2021 with initial funding of £100,000.

CIVA is interested in developing this side of our work by encouraging with more donors to establish donor advised funds which we would administer. We would encourage donors to use their funds creatively, provide further support to some of the beneficiaries mainly through strategic advice and contacts, and form time to time propose projects for support where the decision to support a project is entirely at the discretion of those running the fund.