New Projects

From time to time CIVA develops new projects with the aim of addressing issues in innovative ways with the aim of:

  • Creating a sustainable venture which will continue. Or;
  • Influencing thinking and action


These are some of our new projects under development or in an early stage:

The 6 Characters Opera: This seeks to bring music ot older people via a comic opera based loosely on Piradello’s play and involving well known arias from clasic operas. The first touring took place in Spring 2017. This venture is being funded by private philanthropy.


CIVA also incubates start up initiatives led by other people, where we believe in what they are doing and feel that we can add value. These are some of the initiatives being incubated:

Journey to Justice: An education programme on human rights inspired by Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement in the USA, which has been devised and led by Carrie Supple. It develops activities in partnership with local museums and local communities. The Journey to Justice exhibition has been put on in Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Tower Hamlets, Lambeth and Nottingham, and is planned for Bristol, Dorchester, Hull, Stockton and London. Other initiatives include a national gathering, a handbook and train the trainer events for working with young people and community groups. In 2017, Journey to Justice achieved its own charitable status and will start to operate independently of CIVA. 

My Living Will: A mechanism for people to express their end-of-life wishes regarding the treatment that they wish to receive. A website providing comprehensive advice on Living Wills with sample documents, where people can also make and lodge their Living Wills is now live. My Living Will is in the process of applying for charitable status so that it can operate independently of CIVA.

Trauma Treatment International: to bring psychiatric help to refugees in refugee camps.

Bloody Good: Providing sanitary projects to refugees in the UK. 

EmpowerHack: A volunteer technology collective for refugee women and girls.

Chayn: Using technology to empower women and girls around the world to address gender issues.

The Sports Challenge: A fitness and anti-obesity initiative.

Pedal for Africa: Raising funds for solar lighting and community projects in Africa.