The Chancery Lane Project

Led by Ben Metz

CIVA is the fiscal sponsor for, and incubator of, The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP). The project’s aim is to rewire contracts and laws so they are aligned with climate related considerations.

It is a critical moment for climate action. Contract law can provide a significant contribution to this action.

Contracts govern much of human activity but currently pay little consideration to the impact they have on the climate. Including the right climate clauses in contracts is a pragmatic step towards achieving a decarbonised economy.

In its first two years of operation The Chancery Lane Project (TCLP) has brought together a powerful global community of legal professionals committed to the vision of a world in which every contract tackles climate change. Through this collaborative effort for change we have drafted and published >100 climate-aligned clauses, which lawyers can freely access. We encourage and support legal professionals and industry influencers to insert these clauses in their contracts by providing tools, templates and training materials, as well as hosting events and practical workshops.

Having proved our concept we are now ready to:

  • Develop our core activities to increase our impact,
  • Increase the ways we can have an impact by extending our network of partners, and
  • Move from being a project to a stand-alone organisation.