365 Ways to Change the World

It’s all too easy to disengage ourselves from the problems of the world, to leave it to the politicians, big business and international agencies to do something.

All of us should believe that we can make a difference for the better through what we do and how we live our lives. Not only can lots of people doing lots of things make a difference, but by showing that we care, we can also influence those who have more power choose to effect change.

This is the idea behind the 365 Ways project which provides an issue and an idea for action to address that issue for each day of the year. The ideas and actions designed to be fun to do, whilst at the same time making a difference or increasing our understanding of the issue or giving us practical skills and lots of fresh ideas to take action for a better world.

There is one entry for each day of the year. The 12 themes are listed on the right.

Read the book, and get started on changing the world. 365 Ways to Change the World has now been published in six countries: UK (second edition, Harper Collins), Australia (Penguin Books), Canada (House of Anansi), India (Mapin Publications), South Africa (Double Storey) and the USA (Simon & Schuster). Each of these editions includes a substantial proportion of local material. Buy the book at your bookstore or on Amazon.To see sample pages (in PDf format) click here

365 Ways to Change the World will make a great present for couch potatoes as well as for people who want to go out and change the world. Facts, figures, issues, ideas, case studies: there’s lots in the book to inspire and inform. Buy lots of copies and spread the word – there are lot of simple and fun things that everyone can do to help make a better world!

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Visit the 365 Ways website at: www.365act.com

365 Ways to Change the World has been published in separate editions for the USA, Canada, South Africa, India and Australia, adapted for each country with local examples and websites. An Italian edition was published in 2009, and a Chinese edition was published in Beijing in 2010 in partnership with The One Foundation.

A third book in the series has now been published, Click2Change, which encourages people to change the world using their computer or pad. You can buy the book, or you can sign up to receive monthly installments free at www.click2change.com